The official video for Gelato by Dj Cuppy and Zlatan is out

The Otedola Gelato trend that peaked with the release of the hit the track, Gelato by Dj Cuppy and Zlatan now has a video. This video has been highly anticipated and we dare say that it does a good job at representing what the song is about.

The video is quite a colour splash and will easily fit into a nursery rhyme. Watch the video below

Asa has dropped her highly anticipated new album, Lucid after 5 years

Nigerian singing sensation, ASA, has finally dropped her fourth studio album titled Lucid. This comes 5 years after her last album, Bed of Stone which left every lover of her music asking for more.

Lucid is a 14 track album and flows with her usual themes of love and personality. As usual, she also infuses a lot of her language, Yoruba in the tracks. Most of the songs are very acoustic and you can hear a lot of live guitars / pianos, a standard that we have come to know Asa for.

Grab a listen of Asa’s music on your favourite music platform.

Wizkid collaborates with artist, Soft, for the remix of ‘Money”

Wizkid has teamed up with rising star, Soft on the remix of his hit track, ‘Money’. Soft got acclaim sometime ago with his track tattoo and then followed it up with the first release of Money. Both songs were well received and propelled Soft onto the music stage. This remix with wizkid takes the game to another level and registers Soft as one of the next rated artists to come.

Wizkid himself has been quite very visible in the past few months after a little period of hiatus earlier on in the year. He has done quite a few interesting collaborations and features.

Money is one of those songs that goes on about riches and the good life and who better to proclaim the beauty of money than these artists, who have taken themselves from near obscurity to global fame and popularity.  But the song also acknowledges that money comes from God and makes a prayer to God to banish brokeness.

Meanwhile Soft on his instagram, paid homage to wizkid and thanked him for his support and kindness. According to him, people like Wizkid are rare and takes time out of his busy schedule to help others succeed and lift them up

See wizkid’s discography here

It looks like Davido is about to drop a monster Album, headlines Oh My Festival!

Davido just posted something quite interesting on his instagram, saying he is tired of singing his old songs and he can’t wait to unleash the monster classics he has been cooking for the past 7 months. He posted this while at the Oh My Festival in Amsterdam Netherlands. Oh my is one of the largest urban pop festivals in the world and of course Davido was not only performing there but he was the headlined act! Yes you heard that right. Davido headlined one of the biggest international music festivals in the world. Interesting enough, everyone seemed to know all his songs there.

It is understandable that while fans love to sing along to old classics and dance to the tunes they have come to love, it can be very tiring and boring for an artist to listen to and perform thesame tunes over and over again as they tour the world on various festivals and music concerts.


Tekno’s Pana enters the league of 100m youtube views

When Tekno released pana, it took the entire country by storm and the song sort of set a new trend at the time of slow groovy beats. A lot of copycat beats followed the song and it was really a nice chilled out period for Nigerian music.

Youtube has become the defacto metric of success for Nigerian musicians with their publicly available video views. The views also amount to ad revenue for the artists so this is not just a vanity metric. Davido’s fall was the first nigerian song to hit a hundred million views followed by Yemi Alade’s Johnny and then the monster hit from a gospel singer, Sinach, Way Maker.

Pana has now joined this league and one can only wish Tekno more successes. Tekno is signed to made men music group and he also has a deal with Sony International.

Watch Pana below

ID cabassa makes a comback with Wizkid and Olamide in Totori

ID cabasa has featured with Wizkid and Olamide in a new song titled Totori along with a music video. ID cabasa is a music legend that was behind many of the hit songs in the early 2000s for top artists such as 9ice, lord of ajasa, 2shotz etc. Wizkid and Olamide coming onboard this song draws a colourful parallel between old and new and it interesting to see that this legendary producer still has a large fan base, evident from the rave reviews the new song has garnered.

It is also interesting to see wizkid and olamide feature on the same song again as the two really have very dynamic musical expressions. Wizkid, an afro-fusion singer while Olamide is more of a Yoruba rapper. The song kind of has a reggae feel to it and the video is very impressive i must say.

A commenter on the video had this to say about the combo of Wizkid and Olamide

Men baddosnel and @wizkid you guys are the baddest guys in 9ja music 🎼 industry I love ❤️ guys shall keep up the fire 🔥 burning this totori is a banger

Watch the video below:

Download Wizkid songs here

See Olamide’s Discography here

Read an interesting story about ID Cabasa here

Burna boy wins the BET Best International Act 2019 Award

Burna boy has won the BET Best International Act 2019 Award. He beat nominees like Aka, Mr Eazi and Teni Entertainer. His mum picked up the award on his behalf and made a very arousing speech about how everything black originates from Africa.

 “And the message from Burna I believe would be that every person should please remember that you were Africans before you were anything else. Thank you.”

Apparently, burnaboy had gone out for a quick drink while he was called up. The audience erupted in cheers after his mum’s acceptance speech on his behalf, and she got a standing ovation. A lot of social media reactions also trailed the speech. Marilyn Marlot on Instagram said:

“MANNNNNNN!!!!!! Burna Boy’s mom DESERVED that award. Period. Got me ready to fly back to the Motherland!

In an instagram post, he thanked his co-nominees saying we are all winners. Burna boy had been making waves over the years in Nigeria and globally, getting widespread acclaim after his hit single ‘like to party’ in 2012. His music has also been influenced heavily by the Afro-beat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

burna boy's mother picks up 2019 bet best international act award on his behalf

The BET awards celebrate black excellence and expanded their award categories in 2011 to Africa, with a joint award given to two African acts. The first winners were Dbanj and 2face Idibia.

View all Burnaboy’s music and videos here on mymusic Africa



Akon says Wizkid Davido and Psquare are more rich than most rappers in America

Famous artist, Akon believes that Psquare, Wizkid and Davido are more rich than most American hip-hop artistes.

Akon uncovered that the fabulous way of life projected in most American hip-hop recordings were quite untrue, and that these videos which show American artists living extravagant lives with Bentleys and Rolls Royces is really the inverse of reality. According to him, this in huge contrast with African artistes.

Akon believes that Wizkid, Psquare, and Davido are a lot richer than most American rappers in actuality.

Akon stated: “in American Hip hop, each rapper displays Gold chains, young ladies by the pool in an enormous house however when the video is over they grab their phones and call an uber.

In any case, in the event that you go to Nigeria and you spot Wizkid, Davido or Psquare, you will see them driving their Bentleys, Mercedez and Rolls Royce. They actually own those cars! That’s the difference but if we don’t translate that, they would never know.

“The pictures that are portrayed about Africa are so negative. It’s molding what we accept. Africa has a rich story as well. More individuals died in Chicago and more acts of mass violence in America than Africa.

Davido – Nwa Baby Lyrics Feature:

Davido has dropped a new hit track titled NWA BABY. This guy keeps dishing out hits back to back and the DMW boss has said Nwa Baby is going to be the biggest song on the continent. Take a listen to the song and you will understand why.

See the lyrics below:

Locked up they won’t let me out!

Baby lo
But my baby dey wear the supaghetti
She say if you want it you can get it
And I say ah Baby Baby

Shey you wan put me for trouble
What is my, what is my crime?
Buy you don thief my, don thief my heart
What if I, what if I die
You must be a bomb o0, you blow my, you blow my mind
No be my, no be my mind
But you don change my, don change my plan

I was locked up, they won’t let me out, but you let me out
That shit you did was fucked up, they won’t let me out, only you let me out
I don’t need to say it, but i gats yarn you Nwa Baby
Ye, ye
I bin dey locked up, they won’t let me out, but you let me out
That shit na fuck up, they won’t let me out, only you let me out
I don’t need to say it, but I gats yarn you Nwa Baby

Baby lo
But my baby dey wear the supaghetti
She say if you want it you can get it
And I say ah Baby Baby
Orisa ti o ba gbe mi
Dakun ma pada leyin mi o

Ye ye
And I”ll take you to my ends o
We’ll make a movie in my room
You are the lyrics to my tune
Ye, ye, imma be the boomba boomba boom
Ba boom
I’ll take you for the weekend
Many girls but you I choose
You’re the raggae to my blues
And if I get you girl what would I do?
Shaku! Iye ye

I bin dey locked up, they won’t let me out, but you let me out
That shit na fuck up, they won’t let me out, only you let me out
I don’t need to say this, but I gats yarn you Nwa Baby
Ye, ye
I bin dey locked up, they won’t let me out, but you let me out
That shit you did was fucked up, they won’t let me out, only you let me out
I don’t want to say this, but I gats yarn you Nwa Baby

Ye, ye, Shepe
I bin dey locked up, they won’t let me out, but you let me out
That shit you did was fucked up, they won’t let me out, only you let me out
I don’t want to say this, but I gats yarn you Nwa Baby

Baby lo
My baby dey wear the supaghetti
She say if you want it you can get it
And I say ah Baby Baby
Orisa ti o ba gbe mi
Dakun ma pada leyin mi o

Falz Drops Video For ‘Child Of The World’

Off his third solo album “27” Bahd Guy Entertainment lead act, Falana Folarin popularly known as Falz drops the video to the song ‘Child Of The World’

The video which features Nollywood superstar Toyin Abraham and BBNaija 2018 star, Bambam addresses the issues of rape and abuse.

The song, produced by Spax has it’s video directed by Kemi Adetiba.

Download Audio.

Watch video below.

Stories of Artists Fighting Vision Loss to Do Better

There is no cure for age-related macular degeneration but that hasn’t stopped artists from painting and making sculptures. Georgia O’Keeffe was driving in her hometown New Mexico in 1964 when a cloud appeared in her eye balls. She found out eight years later that she was suffering from age-related macular degeneration, a disorder that damages the macula leading to central vision blindness.

While you might love playing your favorite games on Betway Nigeria, taking a look at these artists’ work and their dedication to their work is surely going to blow you away.

A Look at the Statistics

More than 30 percent people over the age of 75 years suffer from macular degeneration, while those above 60 years are at high risk. Losing vision is not only a fundamental loss for artists but also a loss of self expression. Different people go through different experiences after being diagnosed with macular degeneration including contrast sensitivity and loss of color vision, which makes it difficult to pay attention to details. When French artist Edgar Degas suffered from age-related macular degeneration, he started using more clay and pastels in his work.

According to University of Cincinnati, artists continue to demonstrate their style even after partial vision loss. The Philip M Meyers, Jr Memorial Gallery has a showcase of 50 paintings, drawings, and sculptures of eight contemporary artists before and after they suffered from the degenerative disorder. Some of the artists displayed at the gallery are Serge Hollerbach, Lennart Anderson, David Levine, and Hedda Sterne. The gallery is the first one to examine works before and after loss of vision.

Curators Brian Schumacher and A’Dora Phillips initiated the program through e Vision and Art Project and also has a running list of artists from around the world who are diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration. The two curators also interview affected artists and whenever possible, also talk about their personal experiences. Phillips said that their project wants the public to understand age-related macular degeneration and how it affects. Their art is passion to them and they continue to pursue it despite the vision loss, so the project makes it their responsibility to make resources available to them.

Personal experiences of artists

Hedda Sterne found out at the age of 83 years that was suffering from age-related macular degeneration. She lost her ability to see colors five years later but still continued making monochromatic sketches using oil pastel, Wite Out, and graphite. Despite her loss, her post macular degenerative state displayed faint smudgings and delicate lines that display her form of absolute awareness.

William Thon, a landscape painter, lost his color vision in 1991, but continued making paintings using black and white ink and used his fingers to draw shapes creating dramatic stains and strokes, that he had been drawing for years. When you closely observe his paintings, you can see faint fingertips on the drawing. Most of these artists were seen using their memory while drawing.

Skales Drops Video For His Recently Released Single ‘Pass’ featuring Yung L & Endia

Baseline Music presents the official video for ‘Pass’ by Skales Ft Yung L & Endia which is part of the body of work from his forthcoming 3rd studio album titled ‘Mr Love’.

The song, produced by Chopstix has its video directed by Lucas Reid.

Watch Video Below.

Adekunle Gold Drops Video For ‘Fame’

Off his just released album About 30  Nigerian superstar Adekunle Gold releases the visuals for one of the standout singles titled ‘Fame’.

The 14-track record includes features from Seun Kuti, Flavour, Dyo, LCGC and British-Nigerian soul singer Jacob Banks, who appears on a remix of the popular lead single ‘Ire’.

The song, produced by SeyiKeyz has its video shot and directed by Scott Jaeger.

Download Audio.

Watch Video Below.

Effyzzie Music Group Presents The New Single ‘Eko’ By Rising Artist Soti

With her last single ‘No Lele’ ft Banky W still buzzing, Effyzzie Music Group presents the new single ‘Eko’ by rising artist Soti.

The bold afro-pop song produced by Qase celebrates the hustle and groovy nature of Africa’s giant city Lagos.

Download Audio.

Mr Eazi Out With Visuals For ‘London Town’ Ft Giggs

From his forthcoming EP ‘Life is Eazi, Vol. 2 – Lagos To London’ Banku music creator Mr Eazi teams up with The Landlord Nathaniel Thomson, better known by his stage name Giggs for ‘London Town’ – an anthem for the UK’s capital.

The visuals directed by Meji Alabi feature all things London with a hint of Lagos. Oozing style and iconic London tubes the video is as hard as the beat

Watch Video Below.

Off His ‘Elevated’ Album, Mr2Kay Drops Video For ‘God Can Bless Anybody’ ft Idahams

Grafton Records presents the official video for ‘God Can Bless Anybody’ by Mr 2Kay featuring Idahams, off the ‘Elevated Album’.

Commenting on the video, Mr 2kay says, ‘God Can Bless Anybody is a motivational and inspirational song. It is a ‘Grass to Grace’ story and I believe it will give hope to the hopeless out there’.

The video was directed by Clarence Peters.

Watch Video Below.

Davido Signs Saucekid to DMW

Nigerian Singer and DMW boss, David Adeleke aka Davido who had an All White Party at Echostage, Queens Chapel Rd NE Washington DC, USA revealed last night that he was about unveiling a new artiste. He took to his Insta Story make the post. His post read:


“Announcing my new artiste tonight”

Davido Signs Sauce Kid

He later followed it up with a video revealing Nigerian rapper, Sauce Kid, as his latest signee.


Davido Signs Sauce Kid aka Sinzu


P.Diddy Endorses Falz’s ‘This is Nigeria’ Feature:

Falz has drawn massive attention to himself after his remake of Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’, titling his ‘This is Nigeria’. The song and video has sparked public reaction, even from US producer and business mogul, P. Diddy.

Some fans are lauding the brilliance of Falz in mirroring the major ills in government, addressing the SARS issue, reflecting on the popularly debated ‘Yahoo’ topic amongst other things happening in the Nigerian society through the video- which is similar to how Childish Gambino addressed issues in the American society in the original version.

As you would expect, some other fans have bashed Falz’s action, calling him a fraud and accusing him of stealing the idea but the rapper has reacted, saying that he only remade the original idea by Childish Gambino with the hope that it would have an effect of Nigerian society just as ‘This is America’ had an impact in the American society. He further urged his Nigerians to focus on the message, as it would serve as a call to action.

And in a new development, P.Diddy has come out to endorse Falz video. The foremost producer and businessman who is known to enjoy Nigerian music, especially Fela’s, took to his Instagram page to share Falz’s ‘This is Nigeria’ video. And he captioned it

‘✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 @falzthebahdguy #nigeriaLETS GO!!!!!!!’

Diddy’s post


Diddy also followed up his post with another, captioning this

‘Sending love to Nigeria, So many great, beautiful artist changing the game!!! 🇳🇬 ✊🏿@falzthebahdguy’ 


Diddy’s second post