exhibits at the Dublin Web Summit

The Web Summit has been an exciting experience from the point when we were interviewed on Skype in Nigeria to preparations, making the trip, actually attending and exhibiting. By exhibiting, we’ve been able to gain a lot of attention for our startup and indeed our country. We’ve been able to show the world that there is a sizeable amount of legitimate ventures actually coming from Nigeria and they should look out for more. We were one of only two startups both from Nigeria putting up representation for the entire sub Saharan Africa at the event and that meant a lot to us.

At the web summit, we met a lot of other startups and prospective partners and we’re sure a lot of alliances will be formed in the coming months after we’ve returned to our base.

We were also lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak to some investors some of whom actually had interest in African ventures.

There are a few challenges we’ve faced but our passion has been able to keep us going and sailing through. Some of these include infrastructural challenges and the need to put in extra effort to build trust.

The Western European tech scene right now is buzzing and exciting and we’ve been able to meet and interface with a few of them and exchange ideas. The future looks very bright I must say.

Visit to Facebook HQ Dublin

Today, we were invited by Facebook for a seminar titled FB Performance Marketing For Startups. This took place at the EMEA HQ at 5-7 Hanover Reach, Hanover Quay, Dublin 2.

We got to know about the exciting new marketing opportunities Facebook offers to new & promising startups.

The agenda included: 

  • Lunch @ FB HQ
  • How to deliver performance marketing on FB
  • How FB can help to drive business outcomes for businesses
  • How FB can enable rapid growth, as evidenced by successful peers
  • Networking amongst likeminded companies
  • Face-to-face time with FB experts to go deeper on how FB can help us succeed
  • Tour of the Facebook EMEA HQ

It was a very interesting one that ended with breakout sessions.