MyMusic press mention in The Next Web – TNW

Despite the lack of venture capital, the extremely high costs of doing business in Nigeria and the sparse infrastructure, it seems that considerable effort has been exerted by Nigerians to overcome these problems and build new companies. In this year’s Web Summit two startups from Nigeria were selected to participate:MyMusic, an online music distribution platform that will be released later this year, and Insidify, a job aggregation website that integrates social media so that job seekers can have a unified search experience.

When asking Damola Taiwo co-founder of MyMusic, about his impressions of  the Web Summit he replied, “At the Summit, we met a lot of other startups and we were also lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak to investors. A few even had interest in African ventures. It’s true that we face infrastructural challenges and need to put in a little extra effort in order to build trust in our venture.”

As for Insidify, co-founder and CEO, Olamide Okeleji states, “We got some insight into what other start-ups around the world are doing – this we found enlightening.  As for the investors, the lack of experience with investing in Africa was a limiting factor. Nevertheless, we are in discussions with some of them.”

Read the complete post by Eleni Natsi here.

Image credit: Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media/Flickr

MyMusic attends Enterprise Ireland and Dublin City Council’s tour

We attended a tour organized by Enterprise Ireland. The first point of call was at the Mansion House where we were opportune to meet the Dublin Lord Mayor – Oisín Quinn and listened to his welcome address.

We then departed for various tech sites around dublin including Nova UCD (, Wayra ( Google ( and ended up at Launchpad at NDRC (

On the coach we heard presentations from Mary Mulvihill from Ingenious Ireland, and she went into a brief history of Dublin in relation to the many inventions and breakthroughs that have taken place in the city.