Wizkid collaborates with artist, Soft, for the remix of ‘Money”

Wizkid has teamed up with rising star, Soft on the remix of his hit track, ‘Money’. Soft got acclaim sometime ago with his track tattoo and then followed it up with the first release of Money. Both songs were well received and propelled Soft onto the music stage. This remix with wizkid takes the game to another level and registers Soft as one of the next rated artists to come.

Wizkid himself has been quite very visible in the past few months after a little period of hiatus earlier on in the year. He has done quite a few interesting collaborations and features.

Money is one of those songs that goes on about riches and the good life and who better to proclaim the beauty of money than these artists, who have taken themselves from near obscurity to global fame and popularity.  But the song also acknowledges that money comes from God and makes a prayer to God to banish brokeness.

Meanwhile Soft on his instagram, paid homage to wizkid and thanked him for his support and kindness. According to him, people like Wizkid are rare and takes time out of his busy schedule to help others succeed and lift them up

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It looks like Davido is about to drop a monster Album, headlines Oh My Festival!

Davido just posted something quite interesting on his instagram, saying he is tired of singing his old songs and he can’t wait to unleash the monster classics he has been cooking for the past 7 months. He posted this while at the Oh My Festival in Amsterdam Netherlands. Oh my is one of the largest urban pop festivals in the world and of course Davido was not only performing there but he was the headlined act! Yes you heard that right. Davido headlined one of the biggest international music festivals in the world. Interesting enough, everyone seemed to know all his songs there.

It is understandable that while fans love to sing along to old classics and dance to the tunes they have come to love, it can be very tiring and boring for an artist to listen to and perform thesame tunes over and over again as they tour the world on various festivals and music concerts.


Tekno’s Pana enters the league of 100m youtube views

When Tekno released pana, it took the entire country by storm and the song sort of set a new trend at the time of slow groovy beats. A lot of copycat beats followed the song and it was really a nice chilled out period for Nigerian music.

Youtube has become the defacto metric of success for Nigerian musicians with their publicly available video views. The views also amount to ad revenue for the artists so this is not just a vanity metric. Davido’s fall was the first nigerian song to hit a hundred million views followed by Yemi Alade’s Johnny and then the monster hit from a gospel singer, Sinach, Way Maker.

Pana has now joined this league and one can only wish Tekno more successes. Tekno is signed to made men music group and he also has a deal with Sony International.

Watch Pana below

ID cabassa makes a comback with Wizkid and Olamide in Totori

ID cabasa has featured with Wizkid and Olamide in a new song titled Totori along with a music video. ID cabasa is a music legend that was behind many of the hit songs in the early 2000s for top artists such as 9ice, lord of ajasa, 2shotz etc. Wizkid and Olamide coming onboard this song draws a colourful parallel between old and new and it interesting to see that this legendary producer still has a large fan base, evident from the rave reviews the new song has garnered.

It is also interesting to see wizkid and olamide feature on the same song again as the two really have very dynamic musical expressions. Wizkid, an afro-fusion singer while Olamide is more of a Yoruba rapper. The song kind of has a reggae feel to it and the video is very impressive i must say.

A commenter on the video had this to say about the combo of Wizkid and Olamide

Men baddosnel and @wizkid you guys are the baddest guys in 9ja music 🎼 industry I love ❤️ guys shall keep up the fire 🔥 burning this totori is a banger

Watch the video below:

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Burna boy wins the BET Best International Act 2019 Award

Burna boy has won the BET Best International Act 2019 Award. He beat nominees like Aka, Mr Eazi and Teni Entertainer. His mum picked up the award on his behalf and made a very arousing speech about how everything black originates from Africa.

 “And the message from Burna I believe would be that every person should please remember that you were Africans before you were anything else. Thank you.”

Apparently, burnaboy had gone out for a quick drink while he was called up. The audience erupted in cheers after his mum’s acceptance speech on his behalf, and she got a standing ovation. A lot of social media reactions also trailed the speech. Marilyn Marlot on Instagram said:

“MANNNNNNN!!!!!! Burna Boy’s mom DESERVED that award. Period. Got me ready to fly back to the Motherland!

In an instagram post, he thanked his co-nominees saying we are all winners. Burna boy had been making waves over the years in Nigeria and globally, getting widespread acclaim after his hit single ‘like to party’ in 2012. His music has also been influenced heavily by the Afro-beat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

burna boy's mother picks up 2019 bet best international act award on his behalf

The BET awards celebrate black excellence and expanded their award categories in 2011 to Africa, with a joint award given to two African acts. The first winners were Dbanj and 2face Idibia.

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