Brymo to release international album “Trance” in September

Brymo is set to release a new album “Trance” in September. The upcoming album has an international bias as he implied the album is targeted for his international audience. “Trance” will be Brymo’s fourth career album, and the third release since he split ways with Chocolate City in 2013.

“Trance” is going to be the artist first international album. According to sources, the new album is specially targeted to his fans and followers in the US, with songs off the album drawn from the best tracks off his previous album “Merchants, Dealers & Slaves”, and “Tabula Rasa”. See album’s track list below.

i. Everyone gets to die   ii. Je ‘le o sinmi

iii. Nothing’s ever promised tomorrow    iv. Money, ft David

v. Se bi o ti  mo   vi. Again

vii. Never look back    viii Dear Child.

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