MyMusic Song Review: Labalaba – Tiwa Savage, Can You Still Feel The Vibe?

MyMusic will be reviewing a new jam today like we have always done every Monday. After the review you can also can give as much accolade as you want to both the singer and the song. That is, if you can feel the vibe…

Tiwa Savage better known as Mavin First Lady recently dropped her 3rd single for the year. This is coming within the space of two month. Great right? But can the vibe still be felt?

Just before she dropped ‘Labalaba’ the Mavin Queen recently blessed us with ‘Tiwa’s Vibe’, a song that has wormed its way into the hearts of many of her fans. But the question still remains, will ‘Labalaba’ do the same?

Labalaba is a smooth and lovely high tempo song that would definitely get you jamming all through the day. It talks about love, romance. Its lyrics which is sensual was delivered sensually by Tiwa Savage herself.

Her use of rhymes and rhythm tells that the song was written creatively and made to be delivered without flaws. It also features a nice mix of Nigerian pidgin and English language. She did her calculation well in that department.

Altogether, I guess we all can conclude that ‘Labalaba’ will worm its way into our heart again like ‘Tiwa’s Vibe’. Right now I am feeling Tiwa’s vibe, what about you? Can you still feel the vibe?

With this new jam, you definitely are all set to enjoy this week with a power-packed-vibe.


Photo Credit: Instagram – tiwasavage

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MyMusic Song Review: Billion Dollar Woman – Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)

Like every other Monday, MyMusic will be reviewing a new Jam from one of Nigeria’s ace artist, Madrina A.K.A Cynthia Morgan

The crowned Queen of reggae and dancehall music in Nigeria recently released a new jam titled ‘Billion Dollar Woman’. This new Jam was released under her new stage name, Madrina and her own record label, The Cynthia Morgan Company, TCMC Global.

Without further ado, let’s see if the long break she took from the music scene was worthwhile. The artist who revealed she has been working for her fans I would say did not fall short of her fans expectations.

The beat of ‘Billion Dollar Woman’ was smooth and unique. It obviously was tweaked to blend well with the rhythm of the song. The beat sounded like someone understands what reggae sounds should be like.

As for the delivery, Madrina (Cynthia Morgan) delivered the song flawlessly. She has been known to be a talented artist since she stepped into stardom a few years back and she did not disappoint her already anxious fans.

I will leave the lyrics for you to judge all by yourself. The music video however was not short of our expectation which means her new offering is just dope all-round. It surely was worth the wait.

However, that Madrina is one of many females doing this genre of music even makes her new single better appreciated by her undissapointed fans.

So, what are you all waiting for? It’s time to enter into the Reggae spirit…

Watch the music video below;

Photo Credit: Instagram – Official Madrina

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MyMusic Song Review: Ebeano (Internationally) – Mr. P (Peter P-Square)

MyMusic will be reviewing another new jam today and this time it’s from Mr. P also known as Peter Psquare from the defunct Psquare group.

Mr. P recently released a new song titled ‘Ebeano’ which has since gone viral. Different arguments have also sprung up just about the same time as it release.

Many are of the opinion that the song is a special jam and many others are also of the opinion that its a regular jam and nothing really special. Well let’s find out if it is today…

The beat? Yes, the beat was produced by Kealz Beat. It is definitely apt and well suited for the song. It also definitely contributed to making the song danceable but its nothing special, it’s lower than my expectation as I have listened to better beats in the past and present.

The lyrics? The lyrics, I will commend was effortlessly and flawlessly delivered, i wasn’t expecting anything less though as the Psquare group had a long standing record. However, I didn’t sense creativity with the lyrics, it sounded like the father of two wanted to drop a song in a hurry.

Wrapped together, the song which is sure to be a club banger and a viral success can be enjoyed by everyone. This song is also sure to be a street anthem soon as one would easily dance shaku shaku style with it.

You can download this new jam ‘Ebeano’ by Mr. P on MyMusic to have a music blast today.

Photo Credit: Instagram – peterpsquare

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MyMusic Song Review: Jogodo – Tekno, A Retro Blast Or A Complete Miss

Like we have always done every monday, we will be reviewing another song by one of Nigerians own act, Tekno. The popular ‘Pana’ crooner recently released a new tune titled ‘Jogodo’ which has gone viral since its release.

Well, Tekno also known as Slim Daddy didn’t just release a new tune but went retro in the song. As we all know, Tekno have proven himself a hit maker over the years but does this new song ‘Jogodo’ proves that title or does it fall short of our expectations? Lets find out…

The new tune reminds me so much of  an old Nigerian music Album ‘Danfo Drivers’ by Mad Mellon & Mountain Black. Danfo Drivers was a street anthem for a long time and even the lyrics stucked easily, one would easily mime to it anytime.

However the semblance between the two tunes, ‘Jododo’ comes fully packed with a dope smooth and danceable beat making it a real banger. I trust it’s already banging at the clubs.

The lyrics definitely contributed to the nice rhythm of the song. So in other words, Tekno did drop another hit song that is a complete retro blast. Yes, he deserves an accolade for ‘Jogodo’.

You can download this new tune here


Photo Credit: teknoofficial

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MyMusic Song Review: Onyeoma by Phyno ft Olamide – Another Street Anthem?

Yay! Today, MyMusic will be ushering you into the week with a new banger that has just been released by two of Nigeria’s best artist. We will be reviewing this new tune without leaving any intricacies out. So, let’s go there…

YBNL boss, Olamide and Phyno teamed up to make this new tune which is titled ‘Onyeoma’. These two artists have for long been known to dish out hits back to back and ‘Onyeoma’ surely is no different.

The highlife beats of ‘Onyeoma’ which was produced by Pheelz is a major point that is standing this song out. The beat is all breezy and relaxing and it is also one that can be easily danced to, be it shaku-shaku or any other style. In this case, the choice of beats is just perfect.

Looking critically at the song lyrics, I can conclude easily that it was well written and craftily welded to match the beats. ‘Onyeoma’ which means ‘Cheerful Giver’ in Igbo language talks about showing love by spending for ones brother or neighbour. It talks about spraying all kinds of currency, dollars and pound sterling included.

The lyrics definitely makes a lot of sense as Olamide and Phyno deliver in both Yoruba and Igbo language sending a message of cordiality, togetherness and showing love to someone who doesn’t have. Well that sounds like something from the street.

Olamide cannot be said to have the nicest of vocals but what about Phyno? The song brilliance was brought to life by their vocals one thicker than the other while both are helping in a supportive manner.

Altogether, I can conclude confidently that ‘Onyeoma’ is a new jam to take over the airwaves as well as the street as I officially pronounce it the new street anthem.

So, I guess you will jam and turnup with ‘Onyeoma’ this week! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Instagram – Baddosneh

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MyMusic Song Review: Afrodisiac by Wizkid ft Ycee – Another Hit or A Complete Miss?

Ace Nigerian Superstar singer, Wizkid also known as Starboy recently dropped three hot singles with ‘Aphrodisiac’ being among the released tunes while others being ‘Lagos Vibes’ and ‘High grade’.

Just when we all thought we had seen it all about the singer, he surprised us with  this fine tune which is coming just after the massive success of ‘Soco’ which features Ceeza Milli, Spotless & Terri.

The song which features another side of Wizkid’s talent and Ycee is a real soulful song that will leave ones heart in twists. He delivered the song in the most natural way making us wonder why Wizkid had shied away from singing slower songs in the past.

The beats goes too well with the rhythm of the song and the unusual drawl as he sings is what’s fascinating and interesting about Aphrodisiac.

This lovely tune that has wizkid saying “love it when i give you wicked vibes all night” can be translated to mean love or  obsession. The intro, however has to be the best part of the song.

‘Aphrodisiac’ is sure to be another massive success as this new tune is sure to awaken many hearts and spark a fresh interest in the Singer.

To jam today, you can download ‘Aphrodisiac’ here while you enjoy this new tune from Starboy himself afterwards.

Photo Credit: Instagram – Wizkidayo

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MyMusic Song Review: Work It – Korede Bello

Mavin Records Superstar, Korede Bello welcomed us into the month of April this year with a new single titled “Work It”.


This is coming after the release of his  single “melanin popping” which is still topping the charts. This new single which Korede Bello premiered during the Big Brother Naija live show talks about dance work. Which means while you dance you work it.


“Work it” is not exactly a great piece compared to “melanin popping” despite the nice entry. I was definitely expecting something better. There was too many of “work it” being said and doesn’t seem like a song that was well written.


The beat, however, can not be said to be great either as it would have been well fitted for another song. I expected better from Korede Bello as he his famous for dropping bangers.


Although, “work it’ doesn’t seem like it is worth it, it is still a nice song to jam with for a while before you finally sleep off.


I guess we all will just wait till the official music video is out to really enjoy the song.


To listen to this new jam from Korede Bello, download here.


Photo Credit: Instagram -Korede Bello


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MyMusic Song Review: Heya by Brymo – is it a beautiful song or just another regular?

Olawale Ashimi better known as Brymo still remains one of Nigeria’s most talented musicians as he his known for releasing conscious meaningful songs. He recently released an album titled ‘OsO’ which promotes African tradition and originality and also just released the official video for the sixth song on this album titled ‘Heya’.


Many Nigerians are presently not looking out for the meaning of this song ‘Heya’ but just the nudity of the singer in the video, but that’s why we are doing this review to gear your interest in the right direction.


‘Heya’ talks about our growing ignorance and how we forgot our culture and origin just as time is passing us by. The song is to take us back to how we started before the Europeans came in to diffuse our culture. He even confirmed recently that he went nude to make us aware of how uncivilized we are even though we think that we are.


Altogether, the song is just to promote our forgotten culture and to tell us our ignorance is what’s suffocating us and making life hard for us.


The song is smooth and brymo’s voice did justice to it even with the piano sounds. He made the video symbolic and makes us want to travel back in time to really see things as it’s supposed to be. I am sure he deliberately made the video and lyrics relatable so we can wake up our thinking faculty.


However, a true African should appreciate this music. To jam today feeling indigenous, download and enjoy this beautiful music by Brymo here. So if you ask me if ‘Heya’ is a beautiful song or it’s just another regular from the alternative folk singer, I will tell you it’s a beautiful song everyone should have on their playlist.


Have a wonderful day and stay woke!


Photo Credit: Instagram – Brymolawale


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Artist Review: Mayorkun ft Davido – Bobo, A Hit Or A Miss?

DMW fast-rising artist, Mayorkun has just released this new banger ‘Bobo’ where he featured his label boss, Davido.


In this part of the world where musicians are said to be more than music itself, its not uncommon to hear people ask questions like, is this new song a hit or a miss, is it just a regular? Well, I am here to answer all of that.


‘Bobo’ is currently receiving a lot of hype and topping iTunes chart right now, but listening to this song tells why it’s a fruition. Davido is known to produce good beats for his songs and ‘Bobo’ is no different, the beat is a masterpiece, so on point. Trust me, what makes a music considered good is the beats, its brings out the melody of the song and that’s just what DMW Boss did when pulling the strings.


So what about the lyrics? Picking one or two lines from the song, “Na money be fine Bobo, I am not from ghetto but na me dey run your ghetto,” “Angelina look what you’ve done to me.” Altogether, ‘Bobo’ talks about falling helplessly in love and how money, I mean ‘Ego’ makes one a fine bobo.


And the music video? It’s really so on point, very engaging, good picture, and not diverting from the message the music is passing across to fans.


This new tune from Mayorkun and Davido is just full of nice punchlines, that everyone can relate to although not your usual kind…


Finally, is this new tune ‘Bobo’ a hit or miss? It doesn’t sound regular so that makes it a real hit as it’s hitting the waves right now. So just do the right thing, download ‘Bobo’ and enjoy…


Happy new week!


Photo Credit: Instagram – iammayorkun


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MyMusic Song Review: Mio Mind By 9ice

Indigenous hip-hop singer, 9ice is back again with a brain bursting single titled ‘Mio Mind’. The song was released under his record label, Alapomeji Ancestor Records and produced by Puffy Tee.


After a long break which ensued as a result of his active participation in politics, 9ice still has his footing deeply rooted in good music and ‘Mio Mind’ confirms it.


‘Mio Mind’ is a song about expressing love and 9ice deep voice did justice in defining the sweet tune of the song. The beats is not bad at all, but doesn’t help in making the tune stronger.


Alexander Ajifolajifaola better known as 9ice is an multi-award winning musician who came into the spotlight with ‘Gongo Aso’. He definitely is a talented artist as his songs have beautiful lyrics, good beats and are melodious to the hearing. His voice is not like that of a nightingale but fits perfectly with the genre of music he delivers, he also welds the yoruba language and proverbs into his songs craftfully.  Listening to ‘Mio Mind’ can tell it all.


All the same, this new jam from 9ice isn’t impressive but like a regular song 9ice would drop anytime. I expected some innovation which really was missing. Could it be his long absence from the music scene? I am not sure, but he sure needs to add some spice to his music as many artists are now taking over.


9ice who used to be a force to reckon with in the past might finally lose his fans if that special spice is not added soon to his kind of music as he his known in the Nugeria music industry to be a creator of good music.


That being said, ‘Mio Mind’ is a great song to listen to, good for jamming and expressing love.


Download and enjoy!





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MyMusic Song Review: Johnny Drille’s ‘Awa Love’

Johnny Drille, Mavins Record Artist released “Awa Love” sometime in February this year and Nigerians are crushing already. The Folk alternative singer who is sometimes referred to as the Nigerian, Jon Bellion has really shown how talented he his with ‘Awa Love’.


In 2016, he was nominated for Best Alternative song “wait for me” at the Headies Award and we thought we already had seen the best of him but Johnny is relentless and has just dished us with another inspiring song.


Johnny loves to celebrate true love which he expressed boldly in ‘Awa Love’ but his genre of music is what stands him out. In the competitive music industry, Johnny Drille doesn’t just want to trend, but wants to trend for something long-lasting and that’s what he has never failed to do before.


‘Awa Love’ melody is quite simple, though am not surprised about that, Johnny drille himself is a conservative singer, the instrumentals is really dope too. If you want to switch effortlessly to a reflective mood, ‘Awa love’ is the perfect tune to listen to. Altogether, I must confess, the song melody and beat is top-notch.


Since Johnny Ighodaro, better known by the name Johnny Drille worked his voice into the heart of Mavin Records Boss, Don Jazzy in 2015 when he did a cover of Dija’s ‘Awww’ he has been massively accepted because he over the years showed to us he his a master at bursting brains with his good music.


I love the way he tells stories in the most beautiful way in his song and the flawless mixture of English and Pidgin especially in ‘Awa Love’.


Download and enjoy the love-inspired song!


PHOTO CREDIT: Johnny drille


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Feature: Simi Reveals Release Date and Track list for Her New Album ‘Simisola’

X3M music artist Simi has officially announced the track listing of her upcoming album. The album titled ‘Simisola‘ is set to be released on the 8th of September 2017.

So far it has attracted a lot of positive attention on social media platforms from fans who have expressed interests and anticipation for the album since the release of the track listing and album cover. The album’s photo cover is credited to one Nigeria’s leading photographers – Obi Somto. The album has 12 tracks including features from Adekunle Gold. It also features 3 bonus tracks that had been previously released.

Simi -

Interestingly, all songs were mixed by the multi-talented Simi herself.

We look forward to #SimisolaTheAlbum!


Credit – @SympLySimi

Album Review: Flavour’s Ijele – The Traveler

A combination of Igbo traditional music, romance, and high life.

A quick glance at “Ijele – The Traveler” Album Cover shows a man running in a bid to escape danger or survive, but a detailed view of the same photo depicts a man dancing wildly. According to Flavour, Ijele – The Traveler is a deeper concept than physical movement. It is spiritual, soulful and natural. The album’s title was culled from Igbo masquerade culture, where the Ijele is recognized as the largest and most ceremonial of them all.


Ijele the Traveler”, is a combination of Igbo traditional music, romance, and high life. The Lead single “Virtuous Woman” is unremarkable, but a remake of earlier hits ‘Golibe’ and ‘Ada Ada’; a ballad where he describes and praises his ideal woman, with gratitude to God that he found her.  “Chimamanda” and “Most High” were devoted to acknowledge and show gratitude to God.

Ijele” attempted to recapture the good old Igbo song that resounds in the air during wrestling and “Otu Ogbo” (Igbo young men) activities with a flawless delivery by Zoro. “Oringo”, advocates for people to be happy, have fun and enjoy their lives and a Mike Ejeagha inspired line –“Kedu ife m mere eji akpuru m n’ onu?” (What did I do that people are talking about me?). In “Oppressor”, Flavour reaches out to the oppressors and a few messages to runs girls, unappreciative husbands, rough drivers, and embezzlers.


Baby Na Yoka”, a Jamaican inspired and dance hall vibe stole elements from one of Flavour’s hit singles “Baby Oku”. I recommend this single to Afro beat fans overseas. “Catch you”, “Jaiye”, “Ukwu Nwata”, “Body Callingand “Simba” clearly depict Flavour’s erotic and funny choice of words especially in Igbo for describing the feminine features and his escapades with them.

In “Sake of Love”, the Singer describes what he would do for love’s sake with hyperbole; “Just to prove my love, I will cry you a river”. If it is getting hard to woe her, I recommend deploying the lyrics of “Loose Guard”. “Nnekata” would come handy while proposing to her.

If at any point, Ijele –The Traveler plays like a record made in a hurry, it is because of a song like “Iheneme”. “I wee na-eme order? I gbasapu ukwu, m gbasapu aka” (You are ordering abi? If you open your leg, I will open my hands, in other words, I will spend on you), the “Skit” got me laughing hard.

Ijele – The Traveler is indeed an album a typical Easterner, Lover’s of Igbo culture and Flavour’s fans would enjoy.


Photo Credit: @2niteFlavour.

Feature: Wizkid – Sounds from the other side Album Review

Wizkid has found a new sound and a new home. Earlier this year, he got signed onto RCA Records/Sony Music International, apparently in a bid to pursue an international breakout. Yesterday the 14th of July, Wizkid dropped his new album, Sounds From the Other Side, under this new signing.

Earlier collaboration with Drake and Skepta on his hit track Ojuelegba ushered him into the international scene.  He later jumped on Drake’s hit song, One Dance which turned out to be a commercial success, making the billboard top 100.


Sounds from the other side packs in 12 tracks with varying influences. There’s a bit of a Caribbean island feel in some tracks while others have a clear Fela Afrobeat bias. The entire album sounds quite mellow, and feels like current pop music in the US.  It will make sense to do that since Wizkid is sort of pursuing a breakout outside Africa.

Wizkid features quite a few acts on this one, including Drake, Major Lazer, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz and Bucie. He also worked with a number of producers: Sarz, Diplo, Picard Brothers, Spellz, DJ Mustard and more. The track listing is below and the album is available on major international streaming platforms.

1. Sweet Love

2. Come Closer (feat. Drake)

3. Naughty Ride (feat. Major Lazer)

4. African Bad Gyal (feat. Chris Brown)

5. Daddy Yo

6. One For Me (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

7. Picture Perfect

8. Nobody

9. Sexy

10. All For Love (feat. Bucie)

11. Dirty Wine (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

12. Gbese (feat. Trey Songz)


Images: RCA Records / Kwaku Alston