MyMusic Artist Review: Sophia – The New Queen of Afropop/Reggae Music

Reggae Music is a popular genre of music that is enjoyed by not only Nigerians but also, the world at large. Presently we have lesser artist doing this genre by the day.

But, today we will be reviewing a fast emerging artist, Sophia Igboanugo who does not only reggae but also combines other music genres, Afropop and  Dancehall included.

Sophia Igboanugo is a fast rising ace Afropop Reggae artist who started making a name for herself in the Nigerian music industry when she released a single titled T.O.T.I (Tip of the Iceberg).

The unrelentless talented Dancehall diva, however wowed her fans once more when she released a new jam recently which is titled ‘Sniper’. Sniper clearly highlighted most of her talent as a Afropop/Reggae artists as she delivered her lines effortlessly.

‘Sniper’ which was mixed and mastered by Klintdeal and produced by LagosIgboBoy featured her moves as a performer without leaving out her sensual voice.

Sophia’s second single tells a lot about how far she has come and how farther she is sure to go in the Nigerian Music industry. Because as it is, aside Madrina (Cynthia Morgan) who is well known for delivering good music in the Reggae genre, Sophia is appears to be equally well schooled to be the new face of Reggae/Dancehall.

Without leaving out the music blast part, watch ‘Sniper’ music video below;


Photo Credit: Twitter – _sophia_music

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MyMusic Artist Review: D drumz – Sensational Gospel Afropop Singer

Today is a really exciting day as it’s not every time we come by an artist of many talents. As always I will be reviewing another sensational fast-rising artist whose music you should look forward to both at present and in the future.

Without further ado, the artist I will be introducing to you today is D drumz. So who is D drumz? Have you heard about him? D drums born Damilola Olasode is an Ibadan-based Afropop/Gospel artist who also doubles as a producer.

According to him, he started his musical career as a drummer in his church children section. He eventually graduated to being a singer and an ace drummer at the youth church where he realized music is what he wants to do.

He became a recording artist after he joined Klinmix and met with Gbade Adetishola, the Chief Executive engineer of Klinmix.

D drums have released several singles in the past and featured with many other artist like El Noel and FLO.C. He recently released a new single titled ‘Gbefun’ which is a nice praise tune.

‘Gbefun’ which featured a nice blend of good vocals, nice beats, and good delivery is a danceable praise song to God. You easily would get addicted to this tune after listening for a little while, that is after you must have found yourself saying “You deserve all the glory” repeatedly.

‘Gbefun’, I would commend was also craftily written as the nice mix of Yoruba and English makes this tune a true Afrobeat song.

I hope I got you interested in D drums already. You can get links to download his songs on his Instagram page @D_drumzpro and on his twitter page @Ddrumzpro.

Have a nice blast jamming to ‘Gbefun’ today.

Photo Credit: Instagram – D_drumzpro

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MyMusic Upcoming Artist: Omesham – Fast Rising Afro-Pop Musician

MyMusic will be featuring a fast rising artist best known as Omesham today. For those who know this amazing songstress already, congratulations and for those who don’t, then this introduction is for you.

Omesham whose birth name is Osabikwu Marvis Omesham is an Afro-pop artist known for serenading her ever growing fans with scintillating songs and good enough vocals.

Last year she released a song titled ‘Sade’ which was quite a success and this year again she’s back with another beautiful jam which is titled ‘Gimme Love’

Delving straight into her new single ‘Gimme Love,’ the sensational singer did well in welding heavy dancehall and reggae instrumentals into the song while she delivered her lyrics craftily in her sultry voice.

‘Gimme Love’ was produced by E-Kelly and is still one of the best song to play if you want to hit the dancefloor as it features a great beat and sensual lyrics.

Omesham is here to stay in the Nigerian music industry as I see her music competing with top songstress in the music industry like Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage, Simi and even Marvin Records Queen, Tiwa Savage.

Altogether, Omesham is a talented sensational songstress which we hope to see more of in future.

To jam today, listed to ‘Gimme Love’ by Omesham below;

Photo Credit: Instagram – officialomesham

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MyMusic Artist Review: Ben Anansi – The New Face Of Afro-Trap Music

MyMusic will be reviewing a fast-rising Afro-trap music act best known as Ben Anansi today. I bet someone already is wondering what trap music is but that is not for me to answer because all you have to do is listen to Ben Anansi nice tunes to get your answer.


Ben Anansi is the Nigerian indie act who is currently the freshest face of Afro-trap music. He his a signed recording artist to BO Entertainment where he has released about two singles titled “Ghetto Yute” and “Tumble me”. He has also featured with other artists like Pixie and Chidokeys in popular song ” Monkey Leave Banana” and most recently “Shakara Waka”.


With Ben Anansi, you can be sure that the modern ragga style is game on as he blends it so well with afro-trap. He his fast gaining prominence in the Nigerian music industry as its very hard to find artist of his kind with an unwavering passion for Trap, Afro and dancehall music.


The songwriter and performing artist who is also known as Bad Yute recently released a nice single ” Tumble me” which is a good Afro-trap song every music lover should enjoy. He delivered the song with nice vocals, which shows that he his truly game on to take the music industry by storm.


Altogether, Ben Anansi is here to represent the Ghetto youth while he delivers good music at the same time with his fresh blend of music genre.


Nigerians, Africans should love him already, as he his not out to impress but to express and display his talent undiluted to the world although I heard he said fine girls inspire him to do music.


I am glad I got you all interested already in this new emerging act. You can listen to “Tumble me” by Ben anansi below while you have a great week!


Photo Credit: Instagram – Benanansi


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MyMusic Artist Review: Official MaynEvent – Upcoming Rapper And Singer

Today, MyMusic will be featuring an upcoming artist who goes by the stage name ‘maynEvent.’


Melvin Okolie better known as MaynEvent is a fast-rising rapper with great lyrical prowess. For a rapper known as the rap battle king while he was still an undergraduate, we werent expecting anything less from him.


MaynEvent is also a singer and a song producer as he his the proud CEO of Mayne Entertainment. He officially released his first single ‘Something’ this year on February 14. The single really portrays how talented he his as he dishes out lyrics expected of an artist who doubles as a rapper and a singer.


‘Something’ talks about professing live to a woman just as one would try to entice a woman with all the things she would get in return. The lyrics definitely is on point as it was craftily written.


Prior to the release of his first single ‘Something’, MaynEvent has done several awesome covers of top artist songs including some foreign artist like French Montana, Alicia Keys and Nigerian artist like Tiwa Savage, D banj and many others.


Altogether, MaynEvent is a talented artist who is fast emerging into the Nigerian music scene and definitely one to look out for. To listen to his song you can visit his Youtube channel official MaynEvent.




Photo Credit: Instagram – official MaynEvent


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MyMusic Upcoming Artist: FLO.C. – Hardcore Gospel Rapper

MyMusic is yet again featuring a fast-rising artist today and you wouldn’t believe who we have here for you. I wouldn’t know if you have heard of a sensational Nigerian gospel rapper who is better known as FLO.C, but whether you have or not we are bringing him to your doorstep today.


FLO.C is a fast-rising gospel hardcore rapper who is not only a rapper but also a songwriter and a dancer. He started music professionally in 2012 when he released his premier single ‘Blessed’ and ever since he has been soaring higher in his music career.


Taking a peek into the Nigerian music industry, gospel singers are really doing well but we have very few gospel rappers. This may be because many Christians are aversed to listening to rap music or the gospel artist fail to meet the expectations of rap fans.


But be it as it may, FLO.C is here to take the music industry by storm as listening to his recently released single titled ‘Signature’ could tell how talented he his. Right now I can tell you confidently, he his an act to look forward to as he has a way of delivering rap music in the most pleasurable way. The song ‘Signature’ is full of so much energy and punchlines enough to keep any spiritual person, even more closer to God.


The lyrics, however were craftily curated and to crown it all, he delivered the song with so much finesse you will find nowhere else. The beats also was top-notch and definitely appeals to rap fans.


Iwasanmi Oluwaniyi a.k.a FLO.C. is an Ibadan-based musician. He claimed to have started his music career as early as when he was yet unborn in his mothers womb as he believes he started frestyling in there. He has featured in other songs like ‘we are blessed’ by Ddrumz, ‘Bi won ba gada’ by ‘Gbadeadetishola’ and ‘Isn’t it great.


One unique quality about FLO.C. is his special way of delivering his punchlines, you just cant get enough of it just by listening to any of his songs once.


I assume you already cant wait to enjoy his many hot music, so just go on to his page on Instagram @floundisputed_rox to get links to download his songs.


Have you listened to his songs? Tell us what you think by commenting below…


Photo Credit: Instagram – Flo undisputed_rox


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MyMusic Fast Rising Act: President Jaga – Nigeria’s Rap Messiah

Saying i want to listen to ‘Controlling’ by President Jaga again is a big-time understatement, i wanna jam all the time to this tune. The song is dope, musically, it is on point, lyrically, the punchlines and puns are out of this world.


So, who is President Jaga? President Jaga who is also known as Bruce Lee With The Bars is an emerging Nigeria underground Rapper who is not getting the recognition i expect in the Nigerian music industry. The street rapper definitely has an undiluted talent in rapping, with punchlines and well served puns that you can’t help putting the song on replay.


The Nigerian HipHop Artist who hails from Edo State has released some successful albums and singles like ‘Tell Somebody,’ ‘e no dey sweet me again,’ and ‘By Myself’ all featuring hardcore rap like no other. Listen to all to know what i am talking about, his music is captivating and i can assure you his style is unique.


President Jaga will be taking the music industry by storm soon as he is not only talented in rapping, he also is good at dishing puns and punchlines that will run blood through your spine in seconds…as the anthem for underground rappers he did tell the whole truth about how much of his talent is yet to be unleashed.


If you are in doubt, just go on Youtube and watch his many music videos and listen to his many uploaded audio. Enjoy the good music to your delight, you can’t ever be disappointed.


Have you watched it? What do you think?


Photo Credit: Instagram – President Jaga


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MyMusic Upcoming Act: Hardcore Rapper and Singer – Hashim Zamah Neh

Yay! Today is Tuesday and MyMusic will be featuring an upcoming multi-talented Rapper artist in Nigeria, Hashim Zamah Neh. Keep reading to really understand why you should watch out for this Hausa boy.


Hashimu Hamza better known as Hashim Zamah Neh is a Hausa Artist whose origin is Jos in Plateau State. He is known for his talent in hardcore Rap, ‘Sai Monde’ being one of his notable tracks.


This multitalented artist is not only a rapper but also a singer, songwriter and a music producer. He has released tons of singles in the past including ‘Zero 2 Hero’, ‘Maryam’, ‘Bless me’ and most recently ‘Mumu Lover’.


The Nigerian music industry is considered one that is highly competitive with many reasons why an upcoming artiste may never make it eventually. Well, despite all the challenges he is sure to face, I see Hashim Zamah Neh taking over the Nigerian music industry by storm soon. He makes good music which clearly defines his talent without hassle. Upcoming act like him is just what Nigerians have been mising and craving for a long time now.


To a very large extent, I am glad Hashim Zamah Neh is not following in the path of some upcoming musicians, the very mistake a lot of them make which is releasing tracks featuring top musicians in the country. He has been dishing mouth watering singles since he started his music career.


Taking a peek into some of his tracks on Youtube, his music is flawless with lyrics that are also dope. Zamah currently is on a radio tour in Kano busy chasing his music dream like a focused artist. You can listen to his songs on Youtube and get links to download some of his tracks on his Instagram page @hashim_zamah_neh.


If you feel I missed anything on Hashim Zameh Neh, feel free to comment below…


PHOTO CREDIT: Hashim Zamah Neh


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Feature: Top 5 Fast – Rising Songs in Nigeria – September 2017

Hi Guys,

So I’ve decided to also promote promising/fast-rising songs and artistes. These guys put in a lot of work and need all the love and support they can get to keep chasing their dreams. Well done to these artistes for blessing us with their courage and talent. Also if there are any promising artistes you’d like me to consider, kindly let me know via the comments section.


Top 5 Fast – Rising Songs in Nigeria – September 2017

  1. Fargin – Teni (@TeniEntertainer )
  2. My Love – Ric Hassani ft. Johnny Drille, Tjan (@RicHassani)
  3. Lonely – Wale Kwame (@WaleKwame )
  4. Omo Kekere – Chyn (@ChynOfficial)
  5. Na So – Attitude (@attitudeonline)





Credit – @yewiedewie