MyMusic Throwback – Trouble Sleep, Yanga Wake Am – Fela Kuti

Today we will be travelling as far back as 1972 which was the very year, Legendary Musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti released his popular ‘Rofo Rofo Fight’ Album.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti who died about two decades ago is still celebrated today for  his unique musical talent as a composer, multi-instrumentalist, the pioneer of Afro beat genre of music and the most charismatic performer in Africa.

But, still today he his equally celebrated for being a political maverick and an human right activist. If history was truthful, politicians of those days tremble when they hear the famous ‘Abami Eda’ name.

Without going too far into history, the king of Afrobeat released ‘Trouble Sleep, Yanga Wake Am’ in 1972 and caused another uproar of criticism and love. The song talked about the problems inherent in the society as at that time.

Fela who believes music is not to be enjoyed by dancing alone but should drive one to think also made a lot of people reflect on their life problems.

The song was delivered flawlessly in Nigerian Pidgin. The use of the saxophone and other musical instrument also contributed to making it a really nice tune to have a blast back in the days.

Despite, Fela’s controversial nature, he was loved by many both locally and internationally as he always spoke his mind through his music or through other channels.

Well, to have a blast today, play this tune ‘Trouble Sleep, Yanga Wake Am’ and dance and … You should decide what you wanna do while you listen to Fela.


Photo Credit: The Guardian Nigeria

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MyMusic Throwback: Merciful God by King Sunny Ade

I hope you enjoyed jamming with ‘Send Down The Rain’ by one of Nigeria’s legendary musician, Majek Fashek last week. This week we will be taking you through memory lane again as we enjoy another blast from the past by another legendary musician, King Sunny Ade which is titled ‘Merciful God’

‘Merciful God’ is one of King Sunny Ade popular songs which of course was written by the King of Juju music himself. He released this single in Year 2000 under the Album titled ‘Seven Degrees North’.

This beautiful single is a song of thanksgiving to God Almighty even as he praises God for keeping him and his family as a merciful God will. The song also features the fine beat of Juju music as King Sunny Ade displays his famous dance steps in the Music Video.

Let me briefly introduce the King of Juju music to those who dont know him already, King Sunny Ade born Sunday Adeniyi Adegeye on the 22nd of September, 1946 is a renowed performer of the famous Nigerian Jùjú music.

Since he was ushered into the hall of fame, he has been classed as one of the most influential musicians of all time in the world even as he has earned many pretigious awards.

King Sunny Ade is a multi-instrumentalist, performer, musician, song writer and a very good dancer. He has released many more albums and singles that we can begin to count all which were successful.

‘Merciful God’ is an evergreen song that can never go out of season, it is being played at birthday ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies but I don’t know about burial ceremonies though…lol

It has helped a lot of people connect with their creator irrespective of their religion, uniting everyone together with just one song. This tune is also a danceable song as the ‘King of enjoyment’ showed to us in the music video.

So without boring ourselves to death, download this fine tune from the undisputed Nigerian King of Juju music and dance away with time…

Photo Credit: Instagram – kingsunnyademusic

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MyMusic Throwback: Send Down The Rain by Majek Fashek

Today is another Thursday, a day we specially left out to not only celebrate the music industry veterans but to also enjoy a blast from the past.


Last week, we featured a song from Lagbaja and I hope we enjoyed miming and dancing to ‘Konko Below’. Without deraling too far, we will be entering into the reggae realm with ‘Send Down The Rain’ by veteran reggae singer, Majek Fashek.


Reggae music is considered a spirit of its own and as we all travel down memory lane once again, i want you to switch on that Rasta spirit, its the only way you can enjoy reggae.


Majekodunmi Fasheke better known as Majek Fashek still remains the best known and celebrated reggae artist in Nigeria. He gained entry into the hall of fame in 1988 after he released the album ‘Prisoner of Concience ‘ which featured  the single ‘Send Down The Rain’.


‘Send down the rain’ became an instant hit which won him six PMAN Music Awards in 1989 and ever since its been regarded as an evergreen song. This song talks about sowing and reaping, reflecting the singer truthfulness at preaching with his songs. He clearly appeared to be on a mission like a prophet would to deliver series of messages from God.


Majek Fashek also known as ‘the rainmaker, a name he earned after releasing ‘send down the rain’ hit a lot of nails on the head with this song having unique lyrics. The song was sang and written with great insight as Majek Fashek delivers each message like one would cry in the wilderness.


Altogether, ‘Send Down The Rain’ is an evergreen blast from the past and i am sure you will enjoy this tune with great pleasure.


So, all you will just do is download the song, switch onto the Reggae spirit and enjoy this blast from the past!


Photo Credit: Majek Fashek


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MyMusic Throwback: Konko Below by Lagbaja

Today is another beautiful Thursday for us to reminisce, last week MyMusic featured “Imagine That” by popular music band group, Styl Plus. However, today we will be featuring another blast from the past from veteran Nigeran musician titled “Konko Below.”


“Konko Below” was off one of Lagbaja’s album “We” which he released in the year 2000. The song became one of the finest tunes to listen to back in the days just as soon as it was released. The airplay was regular and it was a song well enjoyed by everyone, without age limitation.


“Konko Below” had a danceable beat with fine vocals of Lagbaja himself as he delivered the lyrics with so much finesse. The use of the traditional drums and the saxophone sounds did a great justice in making the song an overall success.


The song “Konko Below” is a song done in both the Yoruba and English language. The song generally encourages dancing as well as moving ones body effectively. The beautiful and gearing intro says it all just as the regular interjection helps to keep the vibe flowing till the end of the song.


Lagbaja whose birth name is Bisade Ologunde is a famous Afrobeat musician known for his prowess in playing the saxophone as well as writing great songs. He his well known with his mask, which helps in hiding his identity hence the meaning of his stage name “Lagbaja” meaning anonymosity.


He has released some other popular songs including Nothing for you; Gra gra; Feyin e; Suuru lere; Abami and Knock knock knock.


Altogether, “Konko Below” is an evergreen song that should keep you busy singing today. So just download the song, put it in play mode, sing along and dance to the tune.




Photo Credit: Lagbaja


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MyMusic Throwback: Imagine That by Styl Plus – A Real Blast

I am sure you really are excited today is another Thursday as MyMusic is always glad to walk you through memory lane on this day. Last week we featured a beautiful song ‘Mo So Rire’ from sensational singer, Paul Play Dairo and we hope you had a swell time dancing and miming to the song…


Without further ado, we will be featuring another beautiful blast from the past which is ‘Imagine That’ by the popular defunct group, Styl Plus. If you understand what I mean, ‘Imagine That’ is one of those songs from the past that makes you miss genuine RnB songs from Nigerian artists.


‘Imagine That’ is a rhythmic, melodious and lyrically meaningful song which talks about the end of a relationship after love went sour and how finding love could be very tasking. This song was the jam of life then, coming just after Styl Plus came into spotlight after they released ‘Olufunmi’.


If you can still remember, you would try to dance to the popular Micheal Jackson break dance while miming to ‘Imagine That’ with so much energy, that someone watching would not stop to wonder if you are being paid to do all of that.


The musical group which was otherwise called Nigeria’s ‘Boys II Men’ released this catchy tune single in 2006 from their ‘Expression’ album. It definitely was a good way to be expressive about the breakup of one’s relationship as the lyrics were in-depth. Styl Plus was famous not just because they were a group but because they weld storytelling so well into their lyrics which eventually transforms the song into a massive success.


Imagine That’ was all of that. The tune was catchy even as the beat was a danceable one. The song also was done in two languages, English and Yoruba putting it on the pedestal of a true indigenous song from one of Nigeria’s own very best.


They also released some other sensational songs like ‘Iya Basira,’ ‘Run Away,’ ‘Call My Name’ and many more.


So, to start your weekend feeling lighter, download and listen to ‘Imagine That’ mime to this song, dance to this song and express yourself like you have ever done before.


I hope you have the nicest blast ever…


Photo Credit: Styl Plus


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Feature: MyMusic Throwback: Mo So Rire by Paul Play Dairo

‘Tongolo’ by D’Banj was for last week and we hope you had a Kokocious blast during the weekend but yet again we will be going back to listening to another blast from the past and that is ‘Mo so rire’ by Paul Play.


While you take a stroll through memory lane, i assume you remember that beautiful song you dance to gently while putting your hands on your head repeatedly. Yea, you got it, that song was soul lifting, right?


‘Mo so rire’ was originally sung by Paul Play father who was a legendary Juju musician but Paul play decided to revamp the song by singing it again while Kennis Music helped in pulling the strings. Well, it turned out beautiful, melodious and soulful as his soft-spoken vocals did justice to making it a fine tune.


‘Mo so rire’ talks about the many blessing of God and in return a song of thanksgiving to him, our creator. This tune is an evergreen song that can never go out of season. The lyrics were craftily put together to make it a song of thanksgiving and a prayer for oneself.


So here is what you will do, download the song, ‘Mosorire’ and dance like you would then while you sing it like you mean every word. Now, i guess you know this is the best tune you can get to usher you into the end of the week.


Have a fun filled blast!


Photo Credit: tooxclusive


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MyMusic Throwback: Tongolo by Dbanj

MyMusic is taking you back to enjoy a blast from the past as we always do every Thursday. We hope you enjoyed ‘Lalale Friday’ by Wale Thompson last week but if you wish to have a ‘kokocious’ week like you did the previous week,  you should be listening to ‘Tongolo’  from the famous superstar, Dbanj.


The Koko master who has a first class Degree in womanology dropped ‘Tongolo’ in 2005. This single which was on the ‘No Long Thing’ album was what brought Dbanj to spotlight and ever since he has been a force to reckon with in the Nigerian music industry. Well, this may be because he knows the ‘koko’… I guess.


Not only was ‘Tongolo’ a danceable fine R ‘n’ B song, Nigerians enjoyed miming to this tune for a really long time, i admit, i was guilty of this. The harmonica which he played at the beginning of the music became a popular symbol that he was known with in his future songs. The harmonica i must confess was part of what brought ‘Tongolo’ to life.


Back then, Tongolo was an household anthem even though many of Dbanj fans were unsure of the meaning of the ‘Koko’, Tongolo was a fine tune to listen to then unlike the many songs making waves this days.


‘Tongolo’ which was produced by Donjazzy under Mo’Hit Records won many awards including the Best Newcomer Award at the Channel O Music Video Awards in 2006.


So let me ask you, do you want the Ko ko? I know you do, so just stealthily download ‘Tongolo’ and blast the rest of the week in a ‘kokocious’ way.


That’s our gift to you this week…Enjoy!




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MyMusic Throwback Thursday: La la le friday by Wale Thompson

Yippee! Today is Thursday and perfect to reminisce and bask in some feel good old school music. If you don’t mind I will like to take you back to those days when you would mime and dance to a popular Wale Thompson tune ‘lalale friday’ banging out of your TV or radio set.



The versatile Hip-Juju artiste who started music at age 14 as a guitarist was a force to reckon with back in the nineties when he released the hit jam  ‘lalale friday’. The guitar master was part of his fathers band, Popular Jingo and His Royal dance band’ at Ijebu-Igbo before he was signed on by Kennis Music years later where he released the hit single ‘lalale friday’. The veteran genre of music was listened to and enjoyed by both the young and old, even you can testify to this.

The Hip-Juju artist who relocated abroad  is back to nigeria and has just recently released another single titled “Chop My Life”.


Watching the veteran perform at the recent ‘One lagos fiesta’ organized by the Lagos State Government early this year washed me with a feeling of great pleasure that i couldn’t help saying this is music unrefined.


‘Lalale friday’ an evergreen song talks about Friday night which confirms the suspicion that Friday night has always been looked forward to by the youth back in this those days, it was the rebranded ‘TGIF’.


Without going too far, Kick off your preparation of Friday night by downloading this evergreen music to refresh your memory of what good music sounds like.  Don’t be tightfisted, share on Twitter, Instagram and don’t forget to use the hashtag #TBT while sharing on your socials.


Have a funfilled blast!



PHOTO CREDIT: officialwalethompson Instagram Page


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Sir Victor Uwaifo: The Multi-talented Musical Legend

Nigeria and the African music industry, no doubt has quite a number of veterans and one of them is the multi-talented Guitar maestro, Sir Victor Uwaifo. He is indeed a Jack of Trades!  He is a Sportsman, Fine Artist, Sculptor, Technologist, Innovator, Multi-Instrumentalist, Musician and an Academician! Wow!

Born on the 1st of March 1941 in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. A one-time Commissioner for Arts and Culture in Edo State Under the Lucky Igbinedion Government. He had his high school education between 1957 and 1961 at the Western Boys’ High School, Benin, and St Gregory’s College, Lagos. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine and Applied Arts (First Class Honors) in 1994 and a Master’s degree in Fine and Applied Arts all obtained from the University of Benin in 1997.

He was inspired by listening to gramophone records of Spanish and Latin American music at a very young age and began playing the guitar at the age of 12, although his parents were not comfortable with him doing music as they wanted him to focus on his studies but he moved on with resilience. While studying he led a number of school bands and even jammed with Victor Olaiya & His All Star Band during the weekends and school holidays. When he left Benin, he continued playing music at St Gregory’s, Lagos where he and Segun Bucknor were among the Lagos High school band leaders.

He studied Graphics at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos between 1961 and 1963 where he emerged as the best graduating student. Upon graduation, he worked at NTA(Nigerian Television Authority) then briefly worked with Stephen Osadebe and Fred Coker.

Guitar Boy Video

His major break, however, came when he signed onto Philips (West Africa) label in 1965. He also formed his own band, “The Melody Maestros” in 1965. They recorded great hits like Siwo-Siwo, Guitar boy, and Joromi. The Melody Maestros released ‘Joromi’ which became a mega hit in Nigeria and Western Africa and became popular in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

The Melody Maestros band stormed the Japan Expo in 1970, FESTAC 77, the Black Art Festival in Algiers in 1969 and at the African Common Wealth Festival, London in 1973. Sir Victor also toured the United States of America, Japan, Ghana, Abidjan, Europe and the former United Soviet Socialist Republic. Due to Joromi’s popularity, a Ghanaian fabric was nicknamed Joromi, while Guitar Boy was used as a code name for a military coup in Ghana in the 1970s. Joromi is most popular amongst his fans as he showcased his ability to play the guitar with both his feet and his tongue. Now that’s legendary!

Joromi Video

He invented the double neck “Magic Guitar” with 18 strings which he can rotate 360 degrees at the speed of sound. In 1971, he established Joromi Hotel in Benin City and also established a TV and Recording Studio where he produced the famous Victor Uwaifo shows in the late ‘70s and ‘80s.

Sir Victor made history in Africa when he won the first Golden record in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa (presented by Philips, West Africa) for his hit song ‘Joromi’ in 1996. He has over 500 songs, 100 records to his credit and a total of 12 golden records to date.

Whenever the agile 76-year-old is asked about retirement, he reiterates severally that he has no intention of retiring anytime soon, even till the age of 90 or even more. So we should be expecting more great music from the Musical Genius! More Blessings upon Sir Victor Uwaifo.