Davido Accused of Absconding with Jewelry worth N60 Million Feature:

One Afolabi Kazeem ”@michealkaycee” has called out Nigerian music sensation, Davido, for allegedly absconding with his N60 million in 0a jewelry business in 2011. According to him, he had a jewelry business deal with Davido in 2011 and Davido did not keep up with his end of the deal. When attempting to get his money back, he claimed that Davido threatened to kill him and his loved ones.


Davido and Kazeem


“@davidoofficial I think and know that you know and understand what it means to bring this whole drama on to social media. I am doing this cause you have threatened not just my life but the life of my loved ones. I am taking this step by step use your head my nigga and send my 60 million naira i have proofs.
Wicked soul.” He Wrote


Police Report


The story


“Part 2
One of the many police invites carrying david adeleke’s name. One of the many invites he refused to show up for.
One of the many invites david adeleke refused. Davido you put me through troubles. You resisted all arrest, you and bayo adeleke @bredhkn resisted arrest from the police. Nigeria a corrupt country, where a citizen a normal civilian resisted arrest for years. You threatened me and my family (proofs intact). Now you block me here i would fight you david @davidoofficial
I don’t care how many police men you bribe i would get my money from you.”

The story
The story
The story


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