Davido vs Wizkid: Who Has the Most Luxurious Fleet of Cars?

By Kingsley, Lagos Nigeria.

Davido and Wizkid have continually been compared for a long time via different criteria ranging from who’s wealthier to who’s more talented, thus conceiving a division among fans. Although there seems to be no clear winner.

Although the Davido hasn’t hasn’t dropped an album in a while, he is still making waves with his singles and jaw-dropping tracks which his fans just love. Wizkid, on the other hand, has been gaining a lot of international recognition in recent times with his ‘Sounds from The Other Side’ album which featured several top-notch international artistes. The talented artists have both proven on several occasions that the sky is indeed their starting point.

These two artistes have it all from endorsement deals, fame, awards, hit singles and mouth-watering luxury. Although they both have been earmarked as proud and immature by several ‘haters’, you can’t help but concede to the fact that they are both very talented artistes.

Just like Davido has a subjective inclination for acquiring luxurious assets, so also does Wizkid(although more quietly). But Davido beats his Nigerian counterparts when it comes to ornate automobiles.

He recently bought a Porsche 911 2017 worth over N40 million a few months after purchasing a 2017 Range Rover Sport valued over N80 Million.

Well, like I stated earlier, Davido tops the charts when it comes to flashy cars.

His Fleet of Cars include:

Mercedes Benz GLE 450 valued at N27 million.

Range Rover Sport 2016 model valued at N25 million.

Audi R8 2015 model valued at N22 million.

Porsche Turbo valued at N20 million.

Ferrari 458 Italia valued at N58 million.

Mercedes Benz G-Wagon valued at N30 million.

Range Rover 2017 model valued at N80 million.

Chevrolet Camaro GS valued at N11 million.

Audi Flat Back GGX 2012 valued at N9 million.

Davido's 2017 Porsche 911

Davido’s 2017 Porsche 911

Davido's Audi R8 2012

Davido’s Audi R8 2012 model

Davido's Range Rover & G-Wagon

Davido’s Range Rover & G-Wagon

Davido's Ferrari 458 Italia

Davido’s Ferrari 458 Italia

Davido's Mercedes Benz GLE 450

Davido’s 2017 Mercedes Benz GLE 450

Davido's 2017 Range Rover Sport

Davido’s 2017 Range Rover Sport

Wizkid’s Fleet of Cars include:

1. Bentley valued at N45 milioion.

2. Porsche Panarema valued at N15 million.

3. Hyundai Sonata valued at N8 million.

4. BMW X6 valued at N11 million.

Wizkid's Porsche Panarema

Wizkid’s Porsche Panarema

Wizkid's Bentley

Wizkid’s Bentley

Wizkid's BMW X6

Wizkid’s BMW X6

Wizkid's Hyundai Sonata

Wizkid’s Hyundai Sonata

So between Wizkid and Davido who do you think has the coolest rides? Feel free to tell us in the comment section. Leggo!

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