Nigerian Igbo Musicians have been around for a while and have dominated the music industry for years. They have produced so many music hits and jams from way back, to the present day.

Among this Igbo musicians is a man called Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, also popularly nicknamed as “Doctor of Hypertension”.

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He was born in an Igbo town of Atani in South Eastern Nigeria and he came from a line of singers and dancers in Igbo Land. His music genre was highlife and it consisted of various Igbo musical elements. He is among the best musicians of his time and was so popular amongst the Igbo people.


Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe (highlife parade) front

A lot of times he could be seen performing at nightclubs in Lagos, South Western Nigeria and gradually worked his way up to producing, recording and releasing his own debut album in 1958 titled Adamma.

This illustrious  Nigerian musician was  Born in 1936, precisely March and he was a true music cultural ambassador of the diverse culture  of the Igbo people. His music often included songs about life and its various complexities of the Igbo of which tribe he belongs very much he constantly showcases in his music works.


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