It looks like Davido is about to drop a monster Album, headlines Oh My Festival!

Davido just posted something quite interesting on his instagram, saying he is tired of singing his old songs and he can’t wait to unleash the monster classics he has been cooking for the past 7 months. He posted this while at the Oh My Festival in Amsterdam Netherlands. Oh my is one of the largest urban pop festivals in the world and of course Davido was not only performing there but he was the headlined act! Yes you heard that right. Davido headlined one of the biggest international music festivals in the world. Interesting enough, everyone seemed to know all his songs there.

It is understandable that while fans love to sing along to old classics and dance to the tunes they have come to love, it can be very tiring and boring for an artist to listen to and perform thesame tunes over and over again as they tour the world on various festivals and music concerts.


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