Kechi Okwuchi, who is popularly described by many as a plane crash survivor, has proven time and again that her talent should be bigger than her story, as far as this competition is concerned. As she is one of the two survivors of the Sosoliso plane crash that killed 107 others in 2005.
She recently confirmed that when she said it might be a bit unfair to the other talents on the show if she wins because people vote for her out of pity.

She said:

” …I feel like if I win it might be a little unfair because I don’t want people to vote for me based on my story and how much they like me and feel they are inspired by me”

Kechi's Performance in America's Got Talent finals
Kechi’s Performance in America’s Got Talent finals

It had become a “thing” among a section of American viewers who expressed that she was unworthy of her position in the finals after her Dunkin Save in the previous week.
Since her first appearance on the show, Kechi has consistently wowed all four judges(Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell) with her outstanding performance and once got Mel B in tears.

Without much doubt, she’s a plane crash survivor and has had more than 100 surgeries following the crash, it’s been really tough for her. But it doesn’t change the fact that Kechi Okwuchi is an amazing singer and it’s her talent that got her that far in the competition.

Kechi In the Quarter Finals.
Kechi In the Quarter Finals.

While commenting on her final performance Simon Cowell proudly said “That wasn’t a song, that was an anthem“ Kechi Okwuchi delivered her commanding rendition of Estelle’s single, Conqueror.

Watch her performance in the finals here:

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