Kenyans Protest Domination of Nigerian Music on Radio

Nigeria music is certainly in hot demand and Kenya is no exception to this dominance. Kenyan musicians seems to have had enough of the Nigerian music bullying and now it is time for protest. BBC reported that Kenyan musicians are protesting the lack of airplay on local radio and TV stations in the East African country. Members of the Kenyan Musician Movement took to the Nation Centre in Nairobi yesterday 10 August, 2015 to air their grief and accused the media of favouritism towards West African and South African music. The domination of Nigerian music has never been more true than now, with more and more of international performance and collaboration.
Though it has been reported that the Kenyan government has put in place a new directive that requires TV stations to broadcast 60% local content. The Communication Authority of Kenya expects all broadcasters to meet this requirement by 2018.Till then we at Mymusic urge them to keep rocking Naija jamz.

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