PSquare Crisis: Paul takes sides with Jude, tells Peter, ‘If you don’t do family business, who am I to you?’

P-Square may not be as 100% together as Peter Okoye thinks.

Since the feud ensued between Peter and their older brother/manager, Jude Engees, earlier today; the other half of the P-Square group, Paul had refused to wade in. However, this changed moments ago when the singer took to his Instagram page to address the bitter accusations made by Peter and it appears he is on his older brother’s side.

In his Instagram post, Paul made it clear that Peter had crossed the line and expressed his disappointment at his brother’s approach to their family issues. ”You have family issues, you discuss that in close doors, not in social media,” he stated. He also pointed out that Jude was family and if Peter was no longer interested in doing family business, it also applied to him.

Although Jude stated that Peter is going through a phase and needs prayers, Peter still maintains that he no longer wants Jude to handle the business of P-Square. He also made it clear that the fight was with Jude and not his twin brother, Paul.

Does this mean the end for Nigeria’s favourite duo, P-Square?

Source: Instagram/rudeboysquare

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