Wizkid Gets Accolade From Third Baby Mama, Jada Pollack Amidst ‘Deadbeat Saga’

Amidst the ‘deadbeat’saga surrounding Wizkid presently, he his still getting an accolade from his third baby mama and manager, Jada Pollack as it appears he has been paying his dues to her.

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If we recall, both the first and second baby mama’s of Wizkid insinuated he has not been a responsible father to their children. But, the mother of Wizkid’s third child who is also his manager has come to his defence.

Jada Pollack took to Instagram to praise Wizkid for his great parenting skill. This was hours after Binta Diallo, Wizkid second baby mama called him out.

Posting a loved up picture of her son and baby daddy on her page, she wrote as a caption:-

“Thank You’ For always being such an incredible Dad!! Ayo ❤”

Although wizkid had earlier replied them saying;

“2 sides to every story”

It seems like wizkid is calling his first and second baby mamas liars.

See the post below;

Photo Credit: Instagram – _Jada.P

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Wande Coal Finally Responds to Abduction Claim By His Babymama

Three days ago, one Temitope Ogunnusi made a claim that Nigerian singer, Wande Coal, impregnated her and later abducted the child. She further alleged that she hasn’t seen her son, Joseph, in 8 years.


Now Wande Coal has finally reacted to the claim, refuting the allegation that he rejected the child, saying that he wasn’t aware of the child until much later. He further stated that the allegations leveled against his mother are lies and that his family took steps to make his baby mama play a role in the life of her son, all of which she continually shut the door on.


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Read his statement below:


“I want to start by saying that the only truth that has been said so far, is that the child is my son. Everything else is a lie. I honestly do not want to say much because at the end of the day, this is family and Temitope is the mother of the child but I must clarify a few things that she has failed to mention to blogs and websites who have refused to fact-check this story. Things that she has used to attack my character and the reputation of my family.

Temitope has failed to mention to the public that she did not tell me she was pregnant with my son. I didn’t even know she was pregnant. She married another man and claimed that the child was his and she never told me. We (my family) only knew about the child after her husband and other people, including her aunty, found out the child looked like me. She was returned to her family with the child. The Child was taken to D’banj’s mother who then reached out to my mother and asked for a paternity test to be done. This is why the paternity test was done in 2010 and not 2008. The house the Mo’Hits Crew stayed in at the time was owned by Dbanj’s mother and as Mo’Hits grew, everyone moved to the Maryland house. I did not leave the neighbourhood. Everyone knew where we moved to.

After we confirmed that the child was mine, my mother visited Temitope and everyone agreed that the child needed a cleaner and better environment. My mother took the child, Temitope and her sister to our house for a week. After that week, Temitope left and has not returned since to check on the child. Not even on his birthdays. In 2011, my mother reached out to Temitope and told her that she was disappointed in her. Temitope promised to come visit the child. She never did.

Temitope was in a “fashion school” which she left for reasons best known to her. Not because of the baby as she was married to someone else. My mother paid for a full session in another fashion school to make sure she had something to support herself. Temitope stopped attending three months after she started. If my mother didn’t want to see her, or allow her near the child, why would she do that for her?
The claim that she was refused entry to the house is also a lie. My parents have not changed phone numbers, neither have they moved from the house since the child was given to us. Why hasn’t she taken her family to my parents’ house if she was refused entry? She has both my father and mother’s numbers.
I have read things that blogs have stated that my mother said and I can say confidently that my mother would never say such a thing. I must also clarify that when I knew Temitope, she was 20 years old and the name “Joseph” is not my son’s name. That was the name she and her husband named him.

My parents are respectable and God fearing people, and it is disrespectful for anyone to portray them as Temitope, or blogs and media platforms have portrayed them.
The only reason I will not press charges is because she is the mother of the child. Temitope, stop telling lies. You have a chance to correct this error. No one has stopped you from seeing the child. No one will. I am focused on my career and building a future for my family and if you truly care about the child as you claim, you and your family should reach out to my family.
I love my son and this is the kind of madness I work hard to protect him from. I have said enough as these issues are family matters and I want to keep the rest of it that way.
For the record, the woman in that picture is not my mother and I do not know who she is.
Thank you.”

Diamond Platnumz Shades First Baby Mama After Reconciling With His Second Baby Mama

Tanzanian dancer & singer, Naseeb Abdul Juma popularly known as Diamond Platnumz, has taken a swipe at his first baby mama, Zari, shortly after she referred to him as an idiot for abandoning their children.


The singer took to his IG story yesterday to share a reconciliatory video with Hamisa, his second baby mama, Hamisa, plus another flirty video of him with another lady in the same room.


The caption on the numerous videos shared, “Ukiachiwa achiya” which means “When you get dumped, lose yourself”, thus referring to Zari, who dumped him on Valentine’s Day.

He also taunted Hamiza with another caption, over her recent move where she dragged him to court over child support, which read


“She said she want child support, nikamwambia nenda kwa RC (I told her to go to the RC)”



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“Wande Coal Abducted My Child After Impregnating Me at 16”- Baby Mama.

According to Instablog9ja, one Temitope Ogunnusi dropped out of secondary school at the age of 16 after being impregnated by Wande Coal in 2008, when he was 23-year-old. The child, Joseph, is now 10 years old and Tope claims not to have seen him for 8 years.


“Please, let me see my son!” those were the words of singer Wandecoal’s baby mama, Temitope Ogunnusi.


According to Instablog9ja’s report, Wande Coal rejected Temitope when she revealed to him that she was pregnant with his baby. And he reacted asking

“Do you want to kill my career?” he allegedly asked her.


Check out their post below


Wandecoal abducted my child after impregnating me at 16 – Babymama . . “Please, let me see my son!” those were the words of singer Wandecoal’s babymama, Temitope Ogunnusi. . . According to NewsmakersNG, Tope dropped out of secondary school at the age of 16 after being impregnated by 23-year-old Wande, back in 2008. The love child, Joseph, is now 10 years old and Tope has not seen him for 8 years. . . Tope told NewsmakersNG that when she told Wande that he was going to be a father, the singer rejected the pregnancy. “Do you want to kill my career?” he allegedly asked Temitope. . . He denied paternity of the baby and left the neighbourhood so Temitope would not see him again. After delivery, Wande’s mom, Mrs Omolara Oluwayemisi Ojosipe, arranged to see the baby. . . A DNA test was conducted in 2010 and it showed the singer as the father of Joseph. The baby was however abducted by the mom after cajoling Tope to allow him to come and spend some time with her. . . She thereafter blocked every means of communication between her son and Tope. Temitope said she told her: “My son cannot marry a low class woman.” The gateman was also instructed never to open the gate for her. . . She called many times, but Mrs Ojosipe would not pick her call. Whenever she used a strange number, the woman would get angry and rain curses on her, telling her “never to call this line again”. . . Tope revealed that she had spent the last 8 years waking up with tears on her pillow and pain in her heart. “Please just let me see my son,’ she begged while being interviewed. “He’s the only one I’ve got.” . . When asked to speak on Temitope’s case, a human rights lawyer, Kayode Oyemakinde, said: “Temitope, should not only be allowed to see her son from time to time; she should also be compensated in cash. . . She dropped out of secondary school in her final year to give birth to Wande’s son. She should be compensated for the trauma she suffered in the hands of Wande Coal and his mother.” . . For over a month, NewsmakersNG tried to reach Wande Coal through several channels, but he was incommunicado.

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