MyMusic Throwback – Trouble Sleep, Yanga Wake Am – Fela Kuti

Today we will be travelling as far back as 1972 which was the very year, Legendary Musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti released his popular ‘Rofo Rofo Fight’ Album.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti who died about two decades ago is still celebrated today for  his unique musical talent as a composer, multi-instrumentalist, the pioneer of Afro beat genre of music and the most charismatic performer in Africa.

But, still today he his equally celebrated for being a political maverick and an human right activist. If history was truthful, politicians of those days tremble when they hear the famous ‘Abami Eda’ name.

Without going too far into history, the king of Afrobeat released ‘Trouble Sleep, Yanga Wake Am’ in 1972 and caused another uproar of criticism and love. The song talked about the problems inherent in the society as at that time.

Fela who believes music is not to be enjoyed by dancing alone but should drive one to think also made a lot of people reflect on their life problems.

The song was delivered flawlessly in Nigerian Pidgin. The use of the saxophone and other musical instrument also contributed to making it a really nice tune to have a blast back in the days.

Despite, Fela’s controversial nature, he was loved by many both locally and internationally as he always spoke his mind through his music or through other channels.

Well, to have a blast today, play this tune ‘Trouble Sleep, Yanga Wake Am’ and dance and … You should decide what you wanna do while you listen to Fela.


Photo Credit: The Guardian Nigeria

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MyMusic Artist Review: Sophia – The New Queen of Afropop/Reggae Music

Reggae Music is a popular genre of music that is enjoyed by not only Nigerians but also, the world at large. Presently we have lesser artist doing this genre by the day.

But, today we will be reviewing a fast emerging artist, Sophia Igboanugo who does not only reggae but also combines other music genres, Afropop and  Dancehall included.

Sophia Igboanugo is a fast rising ace Afropop Reggae artist who started making a name for herself in the Nigerian music industry when she released a single titled T.O.T.I (Tip of the Iceberg).

The unrelentless talented Dancehall diva, however wowed her fans once more when she released a new jam recently which is titled ‘Sniper’. Sniper clearly highlighted most of her talent as a Afropop/Reggae artists as she delivered her lines effortlessly.

‘Sniper’ which was mixed and mastered by Klintdeal and produced by LagosIgboBoy featured her moves as a performer without leaving out her sensual voice.

Sophia’s second single tells a lot about how far she has come and how farther she is sure to go in the Nigerian Music industry. Because as it is, aside Madrina (Cynthia Morgan) who is well known for delivering good music in the Reggae genre, Sophia is appears to be equally well schooled to be the new face of Reggae/Dancehall.

Without leaving out the music blast part, watch ‘Sniper’ music video below;


Photo Credit: Twitter – _sophia_music

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All Yahoo Boys Are Still Being Cheated By The Whites – Seun Kuti

Popular Afrobeat musician, Seun Kuti has also taken to Twitter to give his own take about the trending discussion on Yahoo Boys.

The debate and discussions which erupted after men of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) raided Club 57 in Lagos and arrested about 12 suspected internet fraudsters.

The debate about this issue which became viral after Nobel Igwe, a fashion enthusiast reacted by calling Yahoo boys fraudsters who are armed with laptops.

His opinion has since drawn criticism from other people including Seun Kuti who took to calling yahoo boys fools.

According to him, it is stupid of them to scam a white man and still end up spending the money on materials made by the same white man.

Seun Kuti wrote on Twitter;

”Wetin yahoo boy dey take money do? No be to buy expensive white man things? Lol. If they weren’t busy buying White man drink but building their communities maybe just maybe, I will see dem but I don’t.

Steal white mans money and the only way u can express that wealth is too seek validation by consuming the most expensive white man things and u say u are a Gee? All Yahoo boys are Mugus for whitey still, dem be learner. Wait that 100k u used 3 months to set the job how long did it take Gucci to collect it back?

MUGU. Until we can express our success outside of white validation thru their brands and luxury items of status and class, U STILL BE MUGU.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

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We Didn’t Collect Money From Tekno – Danfo Drivers

Mountain Black of the popular Music group, Danfo Drivers have revealed in an interview that they didn’t collect money from Tekno to settle dispute with them.

Recall that Danfo Drivers have recently called out Tekno for remaking their hit song, Kponlogo, without properly seeking permission from them.

While speaking with GoldmyneTV, Mountain Black revealed that they have forgiven Tekno after he paid them a visit in Abuja on Wednesday. He however noted almost immediately that they didn’t collect money from him as compensation.

He said;

“We didn’t collect any money from Tekno; you can ask him. The deed has been done; we cannot reverse it any longer. He planned to release the video of the song last week.

He asked if he could go ahead and we gave him our permission. But I told him we could do a remix later.”

Mountain Black said they wouldn’t have spoken out angrily if he had treated them well. According to him, they had earlier agreed that they would see at the Eko Hotel in Lagos after the Headies Award but he refused to pick their calls.

“Why would you release a job without telling the owner of the song? When he called that he wanted to see us, I told him we were busy but we should meet at the Headies and he said it was okay.

We were invited for the Headies at the Eko Hotel and he lives very close.

On that day, we called him and he was not picking up. That was why I granted an interview where I said we were looking for Tekno.

“Last week Wednesday, he called that he was coming to see us in Abuja.

So, he came down to Abuja and apologised for what he did. I told him we were not interested in his money but we wanted him to work together with us as a team.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

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WATCH: Nigerian VP, Yemi Osinbajo Praise Davido, Don Jazzy, Olamide, Wizkid & Waje Feature:

The Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osibajo, while delivering a speech at the Covenant Christian Centre-organised program, ‘The Platform’, commended music stars like Tiwa Savage, Olamide, Waje, Don Jazzy, Davido and Wizkid for their exploits in creating a good global identity for Nigeria, through their music.

He said:

“Wherever you go in the world today, whether you’re in an airplane or in a department store, you can hear Nigerian music. The credit for taking Nigerian music to the world must go to the likes of Tiwa Savage, Davido, Olamide, Wizkid, Waje and so many of them. Their creativity and talent has benefitted our nation’s image and put the spring in the steps of so many aspiring young talents.”

Watch the video below.



Image Credit:

Wande Coal Finally Responds to Abduction Claim By His Babymama

Three days ago, one Temitope Ogunnusi made a claim that Nigerian singer, Wande Coal, impregnated her and later abducted the child. She further alleged that she hasn’t seen her son, Joseph, in 8 years.


Now Wande Coal has finally reacted to the claim, refuting the allegation that he rejected the child, saying that he wasn’t aware of the child until much later. He further stated that the allegations leveled against his mother are lies and that his family took steps to make his baby mama play a role in the life of her son, all of which she continually shut the door on.


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Read his statement below:


“I want to start by saying that the only truth that has been said so far, is that the child is my son. Everything else is a lie. I honestly do not want to say much because at the end of the day, this is family and Temitope is the mother of the child but I must clarify a few things that she has failed to mention to blogs and websites who have refused to fact-check this story. Things that she has used to attack my character and the reputation of my family.

Temitope has failed to mention to the public that she did not tell me she was pregnant with my son. I didn’t even know she was pregnant. She married another man and claimed that the child was his and she never told me. We (my family) only knew about the child after her husband and other people, including her aunty, found out the child looked like me. She was returned to her family with the child. The Child was taken to D’banj’s mother who then reached out to my mother and asked for a paternity test to be done. This is why the paternity test was done in 2010 and not 2008. The house the Mo’Hits Crew stayed in at the time was owned by Dbanj’s mother and as Mo’Hits grew, everyone moved to the Maryland house. I did not leave the neighbourhood. Everyone knew where we moved to.

After we confirmed that the child was mine, my mother visited Temitope and everyone agreed that the child needed a cleaner and better environment. My mother took the child, Temitope and her sister to our house for a week. After that week, Temitope left and has not returned since to check on the child. Not even on his birthdays. In 2011, my mother reached out to Temitope and told her that she was disappointed in her. Temitope promised to come visit the child. She never did.

Temitope was in a “fashion school” which she left for reasons best known to her. Not because of the baby as she was married to someone else. My mother paid for a full session in another fashion school to make sure she had something to support herself. Temitope stopped attending three months after she started. If my mother didn’t want to see her, or allow her near the child, why would she do that for her?
The claim that she was refused entry to the house is also a lie. My parents have not changed phone numbers, neither have they moved from the house since the child was given to us. Why hasn’t she taken her family to my parents’ house if she was refused entry? She has both my father and mother’s numbers.
I have read things that blogs have stated that my mother said and I can say confidently that my mother would never say such a thing. I must also clarify that when I knew Temitope, she was 20 years old and the name “Joseph” is not my son’s name. That was the name she and her husband named him.

My parents are respectable and God fearing people, and it is disrespectful for anyone to portray them as Temitope, or blogs and media platforms have portrayed them.
The only reason I will not press charges is because she is the mother of the child. Temitope, stop telling lies. You have a chance to correct this error. No one has stopped you from seeing the child. No one will. I am focused on my career and building a future for my family and if you truly care about the child as you claim, you and your family should reach out to my family.
I love my son and this is the kind of madness I work hard to protect him from. I have said enough as these issues are family matters and I want to keep the rest of it that way.
For the record, the woman in that picture is not my mother and I do not know who she is.
Thank you.”

Shocking! Kiss Daniel Busted For Wearing Fake Designer Shirt

Nigerian popular musician, Kiss Daniel has just been exposed on Instagram by a US based fashion police for rocking a fake designer shirt.


If we recall, Kiss Daniel posted a picture on Instagram of himself wearing a diamond encrusted chain gifted to him by a popular jeweler, Malivelihood. This chain is said to be worth a whooping N14 million.


In the photo, Kiss Daniel was seen rocking a good looking ‘Louis Vuitton’ designer sweat shirt which earned him some really nice comments from his many followers.


However, a curious fan who wasn’t having it devoted his time to confirm the authencity of the singer’s Louis Vuitton designer wear, only to discover that Kiss Daniel was rocking a fake. His fans definitely weren’t expecting this so soon as the singer was busted.



This is coming just a few days after Davido’s brother, aka Chairman HKN called out Nigerian celebrities who are in the business of putting on fake designer wears just to show off.


The fashion police exposed the singer on social media when his fan shared the enlarged version of the picture to show the difference between Kiss Daniel’s wear from the original LV designer wear.


He shared the photo with the caption;


“yeezybusta bruh #busted”


Here is the photo below:



Photo Credit: Instagram – Instablog9ja, Iamkissdaniel


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Kiss Daniel Buys New Home For Unborn Child

Nigerian music superstar, Kiss Daniel buys new home for unborn child at Haven Homes. This news has been making rounds following a post the singer shared on his official instastory on Instagram yesterday.


The award-winning singer is really excited about the coming of the unborn child as he has already named the lad Oluwatobilola. Although  some of his fans already are speculating Chidinma maybe the babe carrying the unborn child, Kiss Daniel has been mute about it.


See the post with the caption below:




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Banky W Now Proud Owner Of A New Home In Richmond Estate

Popular Nigerian musician and actor, Banky W took to Instagram to share the good news that he his now the proud owner of a property with Haven homes. He announced the good news while also advertising Haven Homes.


Here is what Banky W posted on Instagram:


“What’s in a name? One of my favourite aspects of Nigerian culture is the weight that certain tribes give to the naming of their children.


Naija parents don’t just settle for names that sound good. We actually give our kids “mini prayers” or “prophesies” as names.


See, my father’s name is “Bankole”, and it would have been customary for me to inherit the same exact name as him… except that “Bankole” means “help me build my house”; and so when naming me, my parents intentionally added“Olu” which is the Yoruba word for “God”, making my name “Olubankole” or “GOD help me build my house”, so that the prayer would transfer the responsibility for help to God , as opposed to leaving it open ended for just anyone/circumstances/fate.


That’s why I either prefer to be called “Banky” or “Olubankole”, never “Bankole”. Because it’s God that helps me.


I grew up holding on to my name as a prayer point, because I believe in the power of positive confession, and in my mind, owning a home was the surest sign that I had truly become successful.


So, just the act of saying my name, was me LITERALLY saying that God HAD to help me build my house.


Home ownership became an obsession; and to all the young folks out there hustling to secure the bag and progress in the world, I recommend that you do the same.


I understand the desire to stunt a little bit, but before you buy that fancy luxury car and cop watches and chains… before you hit the strip club and make it rain… before you take the “money phone” picture and pop bottles of champagne…


do your absolute best to own the house you live in. Then try and own one more as an investment. Your future kids will thank you.
Thank God for answering my prayers, by helping me extend my interests in the real estate sector further. I need to give a very special shoutout to @thehavenhomes for being the most impressive Real Estate Development firm I have ever dealt with, and for making it possible to work with them on my next property.


They construct some of the best buildings this side of the Atlantic. Make sure you look them up & ask about their payment plans. You just might end up as my neighbour on “Wellington lane”. #thebankstatements #havenhomes”


The haven homes have attracted at least 10 A-list entertainment personalities in the country, including the company’s brand ambassadors 2 Face Idibia, Tiwa Savage, Ay Makun and Banky W, among others,and the estate has been nicknamed the ‘Beverly Hills’ of Lagos.


PHOTO CREDIT: bankywellington


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