MyMusic Song Review: Onyeoma by Phyno ft Olamide – Another Street Anthem?

Yay! Today, MyMusic will be ushering you into the week with a new banger that has just been released by two of Nigeria’s best artist. We will be reviewing this new tune without leaving any intricacies out. So, let’s go there…

YBNL boss, Olamide and Phyno teamed up to make this new tune which is titled ‘Onyeoma’. These two artists have for long been known to dish out hits back to back and ‘Onyeoma’ surely is no different.

The highlife beats of ‘Onyeoma’ which was produced by Pheelz is a major point that is standing this song out. The beat is all breezy and relaxing and it is also one that can be easily danced to, be it shaku-shaku or any other style. In this case, the choice of beats is just perfect.

Looking critically at the song lyrics, I can conclude easily that it was well written and craftily welded to match the beats. ‘Onyeoma’ which means ‘Cheerful Giver’ in Igbo language talks about showing love by spending for ones brother or neighbour. It talks about spraying all kinds of currency, dollars and pound sterling included.

The lyrics definitely makes a lot of sense as Olamide and Phyno deliver in both Yoruba and Igbo language sending a message of cordiality, togetherness and showing love to someone who doesn’t have. Well that sounds like something from the street.

Olamide cannot be said to have the nicest of vocals but what about Phyno? The song brilliance was brought to life by their vocals one thicker than the other while both are helping in a supportive manner.

Altogether, I can conclude confidently that ‘Onyeoma’ is a new jam to take over the airwaves as well as the street as I officially pronounce it the new street anthem.

So, I guess you will jam and turnup with ‘Onyeoma’ this week! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Instagram – Baddosneh

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