Tekno’s Pana enters the league of 100m youtube views

When Tekno released pana, it took the entire country by storm and the song sort of set a new trend at the time of slow groovy beats. A lot of copycat beats followed the song and it was really a nice chilled out period for Nigerian music.

Youtube has become the defacto metric of success for Nigerian musicians with their publicly available video views. The views also amount to ad revenue for the artists so this is not just a vanity metric. Davido’s fall was the first nigerian song to hit a hundred million views followed by Yemi Alade’s Johnny and then the monster hit from a gospel singer, Sinach, Way Maker.

Pana has now joined this league and one can only wish Tekno more successes. Tekno is signed to made men music group and he also has a deal with Sony International.

Watch Pana below

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