Terry G to boost International Presence in a month Europe Tour.

The unconventional music act who recently released his new single ‘Knack am’ will begin promotion of his music in Europe, with a number of cities planned.

The ‘Totori’ crooner will commence his tour in Italy, where he will perform in the city of Padova on October 24, then on to Malaga in Spain on October 30.

Terry G will perform live in Zurich, Switzerland on October 31, Torino, Italy on November 1 then head over to Germany where he has a concert in Munich on November 7. Terry G will return to Spain on November 8 where he will be thrilling fans in the city of Bilbao.

A number of other European cities which will also see him include Stuttgart; Germany on November 14, Reggio Emilia; Italy on November 15, Prague; Czech Republic on November 22, Sweden November 27, and Amsterdam, Holland November 28.The tour will have its final stop with a concert in Paris, France on November 29, 2015.

The show is expected to see Terry G into a new light on the global scene with several new international acceptance.Terry G is currently working on a new project after he was recently signed by American rapper, The Game onto his entertainment company known as Black Wall Street Records.

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